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Adam Manning was born on Awabakal/Worimi Country and has Kamilaroi kinship. He is a musician, artist, designer, producer and researcher at the University of Newcastle, NSW.


As an original Custodial Descendant of Kamilaroi Barray (Land), and a composer/percussionist and artist/designer, rhythmic expression connects me to Land, People, Culture and Story and articulates the natural frequency (heart beat) of Ngaya Barray (Mother Earth). Given this, my rhythmic expressions are articulated in varying forms. In the main, these varying rhythmic forms/expressions are both old and new, and or cross-disciplinary.



He holds the endorsement of a prominent U.S. percussion instrument manufacturer, Latin Percussion. His musical expertise has led him to test instruments for Roland Japan and share the stage with distinguished ensembles such as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. His compositions have also found a home on ABC Classic.

Manning's musical journey includes captivating performances and collaborative recordings with renowned artists like Keith Carlock (known for his work with Sting and John Mayer), Bruce Mathiske, James Morrison, John Paul Young and the All-Stars, Lachy Dooley, and numerous others.

Manning's talent has not gone unnoticed, as he has been commissioned by ABC Classic and ensemble Offspring. Immerse yourself in the world of Manning's music by exploring his compositions.

Manning is also a significant digital content producer. Check out some of his work:  


Art - Design

Learning from Elders who attend the Guparr Aboriginal  Mens Shed. Manning's art focuses on combining both traditional and modern patterns.


His artworks are located in Murrook Cultural Centre, The University of Newcastle, the NSW Department of Education, Government Social Service buildings in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Bendigo (gifted by senior executive J Cassar); and has commissioned infrastructure design works through Port Stephens Council, and a sensor installation through Lake Macquarie City Council.

 He is the only Australian percussionist/artist to combine both skills in a live onstage performative context with world renown guitarist Bruce Mathiske:


For more of Manning's arts works - see Manning's Instagram page:



Manning's diverse portfolio of projects showcases innovation and creativity. Notable achievements include pioneering Newcastle's inaugural VR music concert and orchestrating the city's first-ever 360-degree live stream performance. He has also taken a pioneering role in facilitating and documenting Australia's inaugural music and robotics workshop for school-aged students. Additionally, Manning has collaborated extensively on a series of socially impactful projects with distinguished Australian artists.

His contributions to academic discourse are equally impressive, with research publications alongside Claremont University in the USA and Common Ground Publishing in Champaign, Illinois. Furthermore, Manning has been an engaging presenter, sharing insights on Indigenous yarning techniques and the intricacies of VR/360 performance methodologies at respected institutions like Monash University in Melbourne and UON's Fast Lab, which can be explored at:


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